The designer Michael Ma imagines the iPad Mini 6 as a natural evolution of the previous model, without major changes, at a very affordable price

The designer Micheal Ma, better known as Apple iDesigner , has created a very interesting concept of the sixth generation iPad Mini which, as you know, has not been updated for exactly two years and for which a big update is expected soon.

The iPad Mini 5, currently on the market, still offers the old design with thick bezels and an exposed Home button. The concept, on the other hand, does not create anything futuristic or even less impossible to create: it simply shows us an iPad Mini in the same compact size, but with a screen that goes from 7.9 to 8.4 inches thanks to reduced frames which, however, do not they turn out as thin as on the Pro models.

The Home button is moved inside the power button in order to keep costs low and avoid the implementation of the Face ID. The screen would be of the Liquid Retina type, just like the iPhone XR, reducing the costs compared to an OLED or Micro LED screen.

Also for the iPad Mini the colors would arrive, the same ones that are having so much success on the Pro models. In short, a Concept that does not have too many pretensions but that for this reason seems so real and plausible. It may be the cheapest iPad of the entire family but still have a latest generation processor for excellent performance. What do you think?

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