While the other vocal assistants progress in being able to perform more and more actions and better understand the human language through chained questions, Apple is trying to change Siri to make it even more attentive to our Privacy. Apparently, Apple wants to create a new version of Siri Offline.

For the moment, in fact, all the voice assistants (including Siri), record our voice and send the audio to a server that translates the message into text and then processes the request. Using a server as a support to all this makes the operation faster and does not weigh on the smartphone hardware.

According to some patents, however, Apple seems intent on bringing Siri offline or to have the message translated from a dedicated piece of hardware without sending anything to the servers. It would be the first voice assistant in the world to act locally and using machine learning could learn from the operations performed by the individual user.

The advantage is already evident, in addition to the fact that it would be much faster in use, but if the thing went in port Siri could remain the “most stupid” assistant of all. Arrived at this point must necessarily choose whether to have a more advanced service but with less attention to our Privacy or a system that can do fewer things but all in local. Apple seems oriented towards the latter solution but it is still early to reassert what will be the future of Siri.

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