Shortcuts App is finally available in the App Store and can be downloaded immediately. The application is the evolution of Workflow that allows you to perform complex workflows with just one voice command. It is much faster and more powerful than Workflow but it maintains the same basic structure and all the flows we have made for Workflow work perfectly even in this application. For example, Social Media Download Pro, very useful for downloading any photo and video from any social network, can be combined with the voice command “download”, so to use it you will not have to do is copy the link of the desired item and then call Siri to say “download”. In an instant, you will have the photo or video in the iPhone roll. This and many other flows made by iSpazio can be found in the appropriate Shortcuts section of our website

The quick commands help you to complete an activity on the app, just ask Siri or, alternatively, you can do it with a simple touch. The Quick Controls app lets you create a personal quick command consisting of several steps from your favorite apps: start by using one of the many examples already in the Quick Command gallery, or create a custom one by dragging and dropping any combination of actions. 

The Quick Controls app includes more than 300 integrated actions and is compatible with many of your favorite apps such as Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photo, Camera, Reminder, Safari, Health and any other application that supports Siri quick commands.

Use the Quick Command app to perform the following actions and more:

  • Get directions to the house, send your arrival time, listen to a newsletter, just ask Siri.
  • Add an icon on the Home screen to call someone you’re frequently talking to.
  • Create animated GIFs.
  • Create PDF from Safari or any other app that supports the sharing option.
  • Get directions to the nearest bar.
  • Tweet the song you are listening to.
  • Get all the images available on a web page.

Send a message with the latest snapshot screen you’ve taken.

The Quick Command app can be launched from the Today widget, from Search or just by asking Siri and it supports the ability to add an application icon on the Home screen for your favorite quick commands.

The Quick Controls app offers an almost infinite number of possibilities to automate the actions you regularly perform on iPhone and iPad.

Download Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad for free from the App Store (or update if you already have Workflow installed).

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