Scott Forstall former Apple executive who led the development of iOS has remained out of the spotlight for many years since he left the company. Today was interviewed and stated that the first iPhone is also born to his credit but the main reasons that led Steve Jobs to design this product have been moved by hatred that CEO fed from a Microsoft executive and tablet with stylus.

It ‘s true, often what does not kill makes you stronger and competition is driving the most creative company and power to create something better. And ‘what happened to Apple with the iPhone.

Steve Jobs, as emphasized repeatedly in his official biography and films about him, he had a bad relationship with Microsoft, accused of having copied several technologies. Forstall told of an incident in particular:

The wife of Jobs had a friend married to a Microsoft executive. One evening, during a dinner, this ruling (which is not mentioned the name), Steve teases revealing very important information. Microsoft was planning a technology similar to that of modern Tablet but entirely controlled with a stylus. By the time all this was very innovative and the manager challenged Jobs telling him “you’ll see that with these devices will dominate the world.”

What emerged was the hatred of Jobs to this person and the immediate desire to achieve something amazing. A Jobs did not like stylus, then came the Purple Project with the aim to create a touch based on the human system. Later this technology was defined multi-capacitive touch.

It was around that time that Apple really started to turn the computer company to electronics company it is today. At that time the company was receiving half of the profits from sales of the iPod: “we knew immediately that we had to transform and evolve.” The iPod should be a starting point for something more evolved.

Forstall then told of another incident, which led to all the efforts made in the creation of this system can be controlled through our fingers, in a smartphone:

We had lunch together, me and Steve, both with phones propped on the table. Both hated the interface of these phones offered by Symbian, Blackberry and others. We realized that all the other people in the restaurant had similar phones, and that day we realized that the demo of multi touch was to be implemented in a small device like a smartphone. The next day I was already working on what would become iOS.

Scott Forstall and Steve Jobs were close friends. Apple CEO in 2004 also saved the life prenotandogli an appointment with the best acupuncturist in the world at a time when Forstall was intubated and probably dying. This measure, unconventional, he did heal.

It remains a mystery why Forstall has been dismissed by the company, but the speech was concluded by thanking all those who participated in the creation of the first iPhone. It was not a person, were not four people. This is the work of thousands of employees who made it happen something extraordinary.

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