Samsung has reached deals with Apple and LG Electronics to supply the companies with advanced DRAM chips for their next generation smartphones, according to The Korea Times. The deals are estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

“Under the agreement, Samsung will start providing LG Electronics with 100 percent mobile DRAM chips it needs for LG G4 smartphone, which will be unveiled in April. Also, Samsung will handle at least half of the amount that Apple needs for its new iPhone ― tentatively named iPhone 6S,” an industry official who is familiar with the deal told The Korea Times.

The official also noted that Apple could ask Samsung to supply a greater percentage of chips ‘depending on the situation’.

Samsung is also expected to use its in-house DRAM chips for the Galaxy S6.

Notably, Apple is believed to be using Samsung instead of TSMC to manufacture its A9 chips because the company managed to shrink the size of the transistors on its chips to 14nm.

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