The Samsung smartphone industry is in crisis. E ‘for some time that we continue to read this sentence, but to give us a more real perception of its meaning is precisely the new CEO Dong-Jin Ko formalizing all with strong statements: “2016 will not be a happy one for the mobile division Samsung “.


The success achieved by the company with the Galaxy S3 and S4 was not repeated with the two later models. The reasons are due to the growth of Apple in the market but also to the eastern Chinese brands that are getting increasing success: among them stand Xiaomi and Huawei. The latter in fact, produce smartphones quality at affordable prices, something that Samsung, especially with the S6, is no longer making it entered into a higher-end, equal to (or greater) to Apple, then finds himself in fact with a “empty-handed” because the two brands many people are preferring to own the iPhone.

The prestige and attractiveness of the brand “Galaxy” is almost completely lost.

In the last quarter of the year, the mobile division closed with a decline of 9% of sales. The CEO also said that for these reasons there are no special revolutions, but only a reshaping of the business to better face the challenges ahead.

Some information from the network and rumors say that the next Galaxy S7 will have a completely identical design all’S6 (as if it were a kind of model “S”), precisely because of this crisis that will see investments on the design but only components latest hardware.

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