A new report reveals that Samsung, Apple’s leading OLED screen supplier, has started production of the LTPO OLED displays that will be used on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models.

According to several sources, Apple will roll out the 120Hz display on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models this year .

A new report from The Elec confirms that Apple is working to adopt new LTPO displays on the 2021 iPhones, which will allow for higher refresh rates and lower power consumption .

According to research from UBI Research shared by The Elec, Samsung Display will convert its range of OLED displays to LTPO, which are expected to be supplied to Apple later this year. The South Korean company is currently the leading supplier of OLED screens used in iPhones, so it makes sense that it adapts its production to meet Apple’s demands.

LTPO displays are known to consume less power than a regular OLED display , which is the main reason Apple already uses this technology in the Apple Watch. LTPO also supports variable screen refresh rates, up to 120Hz , a feature many iPhone users have been waiting for.

The report states that Samsung will finish converting its OLED display production to LTPO by the first half of 2021. Right now, the company can guarantee 30,000 LTPO OLED displays per month to Apple, which is fewer than normal display production.

he implementation of 120Hz displays on iPhones has been expected for more than a year. However, Apple has not so far introduced this technology because using regular OLED displays with a variable refresh rate results in higher power consumption.

Now that Samsung has finally started the production of LTPO displays, the Cupertino company will be able to add the long-awaited technology to its smartphones, while preserving battery life.

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