Samsung has won the “Marketer of the Year” at Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, an important recognition that marks the rebirth of the company from a marketing standpoint.
In recent years Samsung was found to be monotonous and old, the result then at Cannes, marks a very important point in the match between the biggest companies in the world.

Younghee Lee, head of Samsung Marketing Is very much satisfied with what I managed to do the company, completely distorting the position he had in the past:

“Our mission is to understand what users want, then in the commercials show certain functions or features that are useful in everyday use. We carried out a long series of research to achieve these results and we are very happy about the positive effects we are getting. ”

Contributing to this result are the spots also were against Apple, defined irreverent and in step with the times. Samsung has addressed on several occasions the Cupertino company hard-nosed, as in the campaign “fanboy” or the “wall hugger”. The first advertising denigrated Apple users in line to buy the latest smartphone model, the second is called all iOS users as people who “hug the walls”, ie always looking for an outlet to charge your smartphone It suffers from a very short battery life.

Apple has therefore contributed to the rebirth of Samsung under the Marketing plan giving the company a major shock that came out of the monotony and the initial lack of interest. The commercials currently airing already have taken a different turn, lighter but still able to fascinate the users that base are more interested in watching the Samsung commercials, like the one that enhances the S7 waterproof without making references to ‘ iPhone.

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