It is a web app that simulates and describes all the functions of a Galaxy smartphone with Android on board. A targeted advertising campaign to acquire Apple users who are invited to “go to the other side”

Samsung has launched an interactive web app to promote Android and its smartphones to iPhone users. 

It is called iTest and it is a web app that simulates in all respects the Android operating system. Samsung intends to show users how good the user experience is and how simple it can be to “go over to the other side”

By launching the site , you will be invited to save the web app as an icon on the Home screen. This way it can be run full screen, without Safari frames.

On the Android Launcher we will find various applications with which we can interact. In this way we will see the graphics and how they are used. We will also be able to move between the pages of the main screen, we will receive a test phone call and various text messages.

Applications are also highlighted to transfer data from an iPhone to Android without any difficulty. 

In short, this time instead of creating a comparative commercial, Samsung has chosen another path. The idea is cute and harmless after all.

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