The South Korean company has realized that it cannot compete with Apple at the processor level and has decided to invest billions to build a special team that will have the task of churning out a super powerful chip!

With the M1 chips, Apple has put the entire industry in turmoil again. The processors are powerful enough to stand head and shoulders above all competitors.

However, these two are destined to be “copied” and reached within a short time. In fact, Samsung has set up a task force, a special team called ” Dream Platform One Team” which has been entrusted with the task of designing proprietary processors capable of defeating or at least competing with Apple Silicon.

Samsung’s Exynos for the moment has not proved particularly powerful compared to the proposals of Qualcomm and Apple. Samsung also attempted to improve the results by pairing AMD graphics with the Exynos 2200 GPU but the results weren’t too exciting due to poor power efficiency, slightly better than the predecessor Exynos 2100. Benchmarks reveal that the CPU is only 5. % faster than the previous model and about 17% graphics.

Now the South Korean company has decided to get serious by focusing on internally produced solutions that should be ready by 2025. Of course, in all this time, nothing will stop Apple from achieving even better results than today.

Meanwhile, Intel, which has lost an important customer like Apple, is also trying to respond to the company with the “ Royal Core “ project. Apple’s chips have a truly exceptional ratio between performance and consumption which, combined with the excellent optimization of the system, make the M1s and Apple Silicon in general truly a unique products.

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