The rumors about a mini version of the HomePod are becoming more insistent, suggesting that the model may soon be released.

There are rumors that Apple has a smaller and cheaper HomePod in the pipeline  that it plans to launch later this year, and there are more and more signs that the new model may actually exist.

Mark Gurman Bloomberg notes that Apple employees are now able to purchase i up to 10 HomePod with a discount of 50% , the previous limit was two devices per employee. The higher purchase limit may be part of Apple’s efforts to reduce the stocks of the current HomePod before the launch of the new model.

Additionally, the device was listed as ” out of stock ” on the Apple online store in the United States last week, if only for a short time.

In recent years, Apple has consistently made the HomePod more useful by adding features such as Handoff support , the multi-user voice detection , the ambient sounds and ‘ multi-room audio , but Siri is still widely criticized. To that end, Gurman had previously noted that the smaller HomePod will coincide with Siri’s improvements later this year.

At launch in 2018, the HomePod was priced at $ 349 , but Apple reduced the speaker price to $ 299 in April 2019. The company never released HomePod sales, instead grouping the speaker in its ” Wearables ” category. , Home, and Accessories “.

Although HomePod is positioned as a premium speaker, it has several low-priced competitors on the smart assistant front, including Amazon Echo and Google Home, which can often be purchased for a small fee. Apple’s smaller HomePod is likely to have two tweeters , compared to seven in the current model.

In Italy we are still waiting for the arrival of the original model, but maybe Apple could make the mini model directly available in our country.

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