iOS 10 integrates a new feature in lockscreen called ” Rise to Wake” which basically can be translated as “Raise to Power.” This function is really quite simple but is doing much talking because users can not get it to work on their iPhone.

In fact, if the Rise to Wake does not work is not due to some bug. This function is in fact only available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus SE. It will of course also available on the upcoming iPhone 7 and since.

Why it is not available for all?
In our Support Chat many of us are saying that such a simple function, that does nothing but turn on the display as soon as we lift the iPhone to be a flat surface, certainly can not take a crazy hardware. So for that reason, Apple has not made ​​available on previous iPhone?

Apple’s technical answer is that in reality, just like the “Hey Siri”, activated by voice at any time, even when iPhone is not connected to a power source, the new “Rise to Wake” uses coprocessor M9 movement to avoid having too great an impact on battery life.

Consequently, if does not need to run a super powerful hardware, to function well , without killing the battery, needs of the M9 co-processor, available from the iPhone 6s onwards.

The same function exists for some time on iPhone through a small tweak of Cydia, but again the works Tweak running a daemon in the background and on. In this way it is possible to detect the movement of the accelerometer, to understand when the iPhone is turned and illuminate the screen.

Of course , in addition to technical reasons due all’M9, there are definitely other level marketing reasons, those that are unspoken, but we all know: To encourage the purchase of the latest models, some features are added only them.

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