Continues the bickering between Apple and Qualcomm and the latter continues to accuse Apple of continuing to violate the blocking of sales in China, some models of the iPhone, imposed by the judge for some problems with the patents, despite the latest update released yesterday.

Making a brief summary of the whole story, Qualcomm brought Apple to court because of some patent violations related to the use of the e-SIM on the new iPhone and managed to get an injunction from the judge and then the blocking of sales and import models that infringe these patents (practically almost the entire line).

Apple has however decided to leave the offending models on sale promising an update that would have solved the aforementioned infringement to remedy Qualcomm’s request. And that’s why yesterday iOS 12.1.2 was released.

But Qualcomm is not satisfied and today claimed that Apple is continuing to ignore the court’s decision and continue to sell its devices despite the ban. Here is what stated Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s legal advisor in a statement released yesterday:

Despite Apple’s efforts to minimize the significance of the order and its claims to address the infringement, Apple apparently continues to escape the legal system by violating the injunctions. “

The details still remain incredibly unclear about what the Chinese injunction says. Last week it was reported that the injunction only related to iPhones with previous versions of iOS, but today Reuters says that according to a copy of the court order “did not mention the operating systems and focused only on the functionality of the software “.

Reuters contacted Apple for details and said they think they are fully up to date with court decisions.

Apple is therefore determined to continue the sale of its products, none excluded. We will see if there will be consequences or if the judge who issued the announcement has been sufficient the resolution adopted by Apple to curb the problem.

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