The trusted leaker reveals that Apple is working on two versions of this alleged Magsafe external battery, including one with reverse charging support.

According to several reports, Apple is working on several  MagSafe battery packs that will be compatible with iPhone 12 models, and leaker Jon Prosser has revealed that a version of this new accessory will support “reverse charging”.

According to Prosser, Apple is working on two versions of the MagSafe external battery, a standard version and a premium version with support for reverse charging. The leaker hasn’t revealed any further details, but this could mean that the accessory will be able to charge an iPhone 12 and, for example, a pair of Airpods at the same time.

However, the leaker says its source is “not sure” if Apple releases both versions of the accessory or just one. Later this week, Prosser plans to release external battery renders based on information from its source.

Although Apple has not officially announced that it is working on a mobile charging accessory for the iPhone, the new “ Mobile Charge Mode ” feature discovered in the second beta of iOS 14.5 refers to a “battery pack”.

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