According to the report released by DigiTimes, the production for the innovative iPhone 8 will begin as soon as September. Its release date could be postponed for a few months with respect to the commercialization of the latest Apple smartphone.

For some years now Apple presents its new smartphones in the first half of September, and then sell them a few weeks later. This year the situation may change, at least for how much regards the innovative and highly anticipated iPhone 8. The Cupertino company would in fact present three new iPhone models: iPhone 7s 4.7 “, iPhone 7sPlus 5.5  and an iPhone 8 5” with OLED displays and other unique features. The production for the latter model could be a delayed.

The reason would be the realization of the new members, which would enable the implementation of the new Touch ID. The new biometric sensor should be integrated in the device display, allowing it to extend the multitouch panel on almost the entire front surface of the smartphone. We have already spoken of such a technology, which uses sound waves to recognize our biometric profile. Surely it is an interesting technology, which, however, has yet to be studied and perfected.

For this reason the production of the iPhone 8 might just start September with the following marketing on October-November. The other two models planned for this fall could come out before, immediately after their presentation scheduled in September.

Via | 9to5mac

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