In California, the police seem to have applied for and obtained a warrant to enter the house and force all those present to use biometric information to unlock an iPhone with fingerprints . The aim is obviously to get more information on a case that may be contained on your smartphone.

The news comes from Forbes , which defines the incident as ” an unprecedented attempt to bypass the Apple iPhone security “. An anonymous source confirmed that the warrant was granted.

The mandate basically gives the police the right to confiscate all private information found on a suspect device , including passwords.

Jennifer Lynch , a prominent lawyer from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, warns that the government must specify what information you expect to find on a mobile device prior to compel the owner to unlock it with your fingerprint. So it’s a concern on the violation of the privacy of individuals, the police could in fact access to all content on your smartphone, even those who have nothing to do with the investigation.

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Source: idownloadblog

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