Users affected by the performance limitation on their iPhone can now file a claim for a $ 25 refund.

Earlier this year, Apple agreed to pay up to $ 500 million to settle a U.S. lawsuit over its decision to limit iPhone performance as the battery begins to degrade.

Under the proposed regulation, Apple will provide a payment of approximately $ 25 to each eligible iPhone owner who makes a claim, with a total payment of between $ 310 million and $ 500 million. The exact amount that each iPhone owner receives may vary slightly and based on the number of requests submitted.

All U.S. residents who previously owned or owned an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and / or iPhone SE running iOS 10.2.1 or later and / or iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11.2 or later, before December 21st 2017, may request a refund.

website has been created where eligible members can file a complaint or review their other options, including exclusion from the lawsuit to maintain the ability to sue Apple individually on the matter. All complaints must be sent online or sent by post no later than 6 October 2020.

The lawsuit was filed in December 2017, shortly after Apple revealed that it limits the maximum performance of some older iPhone models with chemically aged batteries, when needed, to prevent the devices from turning off unexpectedly. The complaint described the company’s move as ” one of the biggest consumer frauds in history “.

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