Phil Schiller, head of Apple marketing, recently gave an interview to the site, talking about various topics and in particular Face ID.

According to Schiller, one of Apple’s main goals with Face ID is to make security “simple”. The Californian company believes that Face ID is superior to other face recognition technologies implemented on Android smartphones.

” These do not work in all the ways we want the Face ID to work. We are really aware of the fact that this simple thing, this Home key, born to bring you to the Home screen by clicking on it, has become something that allows you to do so many things. We added the Touch ID, allowed access to multitasking, called Siri, activated Apple Pay. All this in a single mechanical key.

So for Face ID we needed the best way to easily unlock the device with our face, with a secure method with Secure Enclave, and support all other features. We had to find a solution to all this. Solutions that other people [competing companies] have implemented and that involve the face are not like this. Face ID is truly a unique implementation ».

Schiller then confirmed again that Apple, even with Face ID, is very careful about the protection of its users’ data. As with the Touch ID, the face scan and other information needed to unlock your iPhone converse in the Secure Enclave on iPhone X. Developers can access facial mapping data via the TrueDepth effects camera in augmented reality, but Schiller stated that Face ID has nothing to do with all this. then asked if the “Think Different” Apple motto is still applicable today, and Schiller took advantage of the application to praise the AirPods, a product much loved by users and industry experts: ” They are really two separate computers that insert into your ears “.

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