Roberto Escobar claims that someone has violated his smartphone and found his address via a FaceTime bug.

Pablo Escobar’s brother is suing Apple for $ 2.6 billion , claiming that his address has been compromised due to the poor security of the iPhone.

As reported by The Next Web , Roberto Escobar’s company ( Roberto Escobar Inc. ) is suing Apple for an alleged FaceTime bug . Escobar says he purchased an iPhone X because he was told it was the ” safest phone on the market ” and would not be vulnerable in the future .

Roberto Escobar claims to have been informed of iPhone security by an Apple support employee. Security was a big concern for Roberto, as he was already the victim of a murder attempt. However, Escobar said he received numerous calls FaceTime the ndesiderate , and later received an intimidating letter tied to calls.

In the complaint, Escobar says that the Colossus of Cupertino is guilty of ” breach of contract,  negligence and neglect of emotional affliction “. For these reasons, Escobar asks for $ 100 million, $ 500 million and $ 2 billion respectively.

The court has already accepted the case and Apple now has 30 days to respond .

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