Since September 30 this year you can download the new OS X El Capitan on all Macs supported. In less than a month the adoption of this operating system rose to 25%, beating all previous versions of OS X in the last six years.


The data come directly from Net Applications , which monitored thousands of websites in order to make estimates on the operating system used by visitors. In October OS X El Capitan managed to win 25% of Mac devices supported, the largest adoption of OS X in the last six years. Also according to the analyst firm, the majority of users who have upgraded, came from second last released version – OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Despite this, 16% of users still prefer the old versions of OS X, which are no longer supported by Apple from 10.9. If you are among these we recommend you to upgrade to El Capitan, because Apple No more updates on releases targeted to the security of the operating system for these OS X so outdated .Obviously before an upgrade it is always wise to check the required specifications from El Capitan, in order not to end up with an operating system too heavy for your older hardware.

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