The company led by Tim Cook has added a new feature to iPadOS that allows users to download software updates in 5G.

The iPad Pro 2021 allows users to download and install iPadOS updates with 5G , a feature that Apple previously introduced with the iPhone 12.

With the launch of 5G-enabled iPhones, Apple has added an extra option to iOS that allows iPhone 12 owners to download updates when connected to a 5G network. In an update of the support page, the Cupertino company introduced the same functionality on iPadOS.

The support page, titled ” Use 5G with your iPad“, tells users how to manage their data connection on the new iPad Pro models. Now on iPadOs there is a new feature called ” Allow more data on 5G “.

Once the feature is enabled, iPadOS will use more data in various system activities and for app features, such as for higher quality FaceTime calls or high definition content streams. This option also allows you to perform iPadOS updates over the cellular network.

Apple warns that the setting will be set as the default for some users with unlimited data plans , depending on the carrier. Other users, on the other hand, will have to activate it manually.

How to enable iPadOS updates in 5G:

  • Let’s open the Settings app;
  • We select Cellular, then Cellular Data Options;
  • We select Data Consumption;
  • Let’s tap Allow more data on 5G .

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