As reported by the leaker iHacktu, on iOS 15 the application icons will change style and new widgets will also be added

ake with a grain of salt what you are about to read: according to a well-known leaker, the icons of system applications will change on iOS 15.

The change will not be sensational because a style that we have already learned to know and appreciate, that of macOS Big Sur, will be adopted .

Despite the fact that Apple’s operating systems will remain a distinct thing, according to @ihacktu iOS 15 will adopt the same style of icons. The simple flat design will be joined by shadows that will increase the 3D feeling.

Also from the same leaker other information arrives: There will be new system Widgets and in particular one will allow us to keep track of internet traffic (in a similar way to what happens by installing CPU-x) and another will allow us to interact in some way with the Camera.

In the past ihacktu has proved to be reliable on this type of information: he had announced the change of the Watch application icon in advance and Prosser also exchanges messages with him. We’ll see, in the meantime, what do you think of BigSur’s icons?

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