In the letter to customers, in which Apple tried to clarify the battery and performance, the company promised to lower the price of replacement batteries to $ 29. This action should have started towards the end of January but today the communiqué has been modified.

Apple has anticipated the times and already from today will be able to replace the batteries of the iPhone no longer under warranty at the reduced price. Therefore, we will not have to wait until the end of January, nor will we have further communications, the news will take place from today until December 2018.

We thought we needed more time to be ready but we are happy to offer our customers a lower cost for a new battery already. Initially we may have limited supplies of batteries, depending on the inflow, but we will still meet all requests.

Recall that without this program, a replacement battery for an iPhone out of warranty would have cost $ 79 (€ 89 in Europe).

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