The Apple event where new products will be presented will be held on September 15th. The release dates of iOS 14, watchOS 7, and all other operating systems will most likely also be revealed

Now it’s official: The next Apple event will be held on September 15th.

A few hours ago a hashtag on Twitter had anticipated something, namely that the event would take place between 8 and 28 September but now a dedicated page has appeared on the Apple website that formalizes everything.

The event will be held inside the Apple Park and will be broadcast live. The time is always the same, that is 5:00 pm Ghanaian.

We will certainly attend the presentation of new products through a keynote that is different from the usual but very similar to what we have already seen for WWDC 2020. It will therefore be a pre-recorded event, with excellent footage and transition effects.

It is more likely that we will see the new Apple Watch and the new iPad Air rather than some iPhone 12 models.

The clues about the event that we can draw from the logo:

Never before has the invitation to the press been clear enough this time. The event is called “Time Flies”, literally “time flies”. But what can this mean? Time could mean Apple Watch and “fly” could stand for “Air”, or iPad Air.

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