For several days, rumors are becoming more consistent. We all know that Nokia is going to get back on track with new smartphones based entirely on Android but the news of the last days goes even further.

It seems that Nokia wants to resurrect the famous N Series, that which characterized the most powerful smartphones and advanced company before the iPhone’s launch.

In particular, it is said that Nokia wants to start reinventing the N95, a smartphone absolute success characterized by a double opening mechanism, useful both to show the buttons of multimedia buttons.This smartphone was among the few to be equipped with accelerometer for automatic screen rotation, GPS, proximity sensor, and many other cutting-edge features for 2007. It was launched the same year when the iPhone arrived and the next Mobile World Congress 2017, which will begin on February 27, could get a second edition of this smartphone, suitably modified and with Android on board.

Not much is known for the moment, except that it should be equipped with a 600 series processor Snapdragon, Snapdragon 652. Initially it probably will be only 500,000 units produced, to understand how the world will react to this blast from the past, however, including of ‘hardware and an operating system entirely modern.

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