There are now very many rumors dedicated to the coming iPhone coming in September. Unfortunately, many of these support the presence of small innovations to make room for important news just in 2017. For this reason, according to Venture Beat, the iPhone 7 will name just used next year with the arrival of the revolutionary iPhone.


As we have reported in recent hours, now even the Wall Street Journal confirmed the news scarce, which will likely be present in the iPhone models this year. So this is a new choice for Apple, which probably will prolong the renewal of the design of its devices to a three-year cycle.

For this reason, according to Venture Beat, the iPhone this year could not be called iPhone 7, to leave this name to the Apple smartphone to be released in 2017. The name of the iPhone this year is still unknown, but among the possible candidates we can assume an unlikely 6ss iPhone or iPhone 6 SE.

From the point of view of the news it would be more correct to call it the iPhone does not 7, but surely this name will affect many users to purchase the smartphone. Unfortunately for the more knowledgeable users the name will not change the sad fact of scarce hardware innovations of this device, so unless big upheavals in the coming months, in September we will not find a refurbished iPhone.

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