A little less than a year after the presentation of the first version of Apple Pencil, already there are rumors of the second generation, according to the latest rumors, it may contain significant innovations that could make it compatible on Mac.

The Office for patents and trademarks in the United States today has granted Apple a patent for a “pen with inertial sensors,” which could coincide with an advanced version of the Apple Pencil that could potentially be compatible with the Magic Trackpad probably in his new future version. The original patent in November 2014, but was published only recently in May 2016.


The patent mentions vaguely a pen with a trackpad where you send the signal to the iMac with a compatible program, it could allow artists and architects to make changes directly on the trackpad instead of using a tablet, just as it does on the iPad Pro. from the pen patent also it appears to have functionality of gestures in the air, so it may be an integrated motion sensor, also useful to be able to also move objects in 3D

Source: PatentlyApple

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