A new report from Apple’s supply chain confirms that some iPhone 12 models will be equipped with the LiDAR Scanner.

According to a new report from  DigiTimes , LiDAR technology is set to see “increasing adoption in consumer electronics devices ,” led by the upcoming iPhone 12.

LiDAR, which stands for “ light sensing and range ”, was first introduced in the  2020 iPad Pro range . The technology was primarily used in the automotive industry before arriving at portable consumer technology products. 

The LiDAR Scanner is a time-of-flight system that fires low-power lasers into an environment. Using reflections, it calculates the distance to objects and points in the environment and creates an accurate 3D depth map or rendering based on the results.

Apple’s proprietary approach, simply dubbed LiDAR Scanner, probably has a few tricks up its sleeve. The company says this system works both indoors and outdoors and measures the distance to surrounding objects up to 5 meters by taking a photon-level reading at nanosecond speeds.

Of Apple’s existing features, LiDAR will have the greatest impact on augmented reality (AR) and the ARKit framework. The Cupertino giant claims that all existing ARKit apps  can automatically count on instant positioning of AR objects and an improved system for scanning movements and occlusion between people and virtual objects.

The report predicts that LiDAR will be increasingly adopted for consumer electronics applications in the coming years, prompted by the fact that Apple will incorporate the technology into some of its new iPhone models.

However, DigiTimes does not explicitly state on which iPhone 12 models the new technology will be implemented, but several rumors have reported that the LiDAR Scanner will be a new feature of the iPhone 12 Pro models .

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