Missing a few days at WWDC, World Conference of the developers announced by Apple, and many are related here with the announcement of what could be the next generation of MacBook Pro but this may not coincide with the marketing.

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A few weeks ago on the net rumors about updating the MacBook Pro that could bring with it several changes since the introduction of USB-C up to the replacement of the FN keys with OLED touchscreen bar. According to a concept  realized you can see that the panel during “normal” use of the computer will show the classic buttons that are still in the MacBook Pro, but it could very well adattasi according to your program, such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro X buttons may vary and be modified based on user-set shortcuts.

The new MacBook Pro design could vaguely remember that the MacBook 12 “, should be reduced in size so that it is thinner and lighter. A new report from Asia indicates that lately a vendor has shipped a critical component to Apple that it is necessary to create a lighter laptop.

A rumor a few days ago declared that the new MacBook Pro would be launched in the third quarter of this year, but a more recent report states that the new generation of notebooks could arrive in stores in August. And Apple could show it to the world already during the WWDC event to be held next Monday, and as always we will follow together with you.

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