It’s still going to be a few months before we have any hope of checking out the next iPhone, but even with new hardware still out of reach, Apple could still be dropping a few clues about what to expect, hidden in its software. The developer preview of iOS 9 is now available, following its announcement earlier this week, and devs are understandably tearing through it to see what secrets lurk within. One promising avenue concerns camera support, as Apple appears to be putting the framework in place to support some significant front-facer upgrades.

An analysis of iOS 9 code reveals a number of new flags that mark camera features, and the list includes support for 1080p capture, panorama, and various slowmo modes – all specifically mentioned in terms of front-facers. There’s even one that describes support for a front-facing flash.

None of this is to say that Apple will deliver an iPhone 6S with a front-facing camera offering all these capabilities – but the important thing is that it could, and if they don’t arrive then, perhaps Apple will introduce them on a future device.

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