Facebook is once again in the eye of the storm. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social network was overwhelmed by hackers who spread over half a billion phone numbers and personal data of users completely free on a hacking forum

Facebook is in trouble again and it is very serious trouble. The phone numbers and personal data of more than 553 million Facebook users were posted online , for free, in a low-level hacking forum, according to Business Insider.

Among the data stolen from Facebook and made public are phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names and surnames, birthdays, biographies and in some cases even the email addresses of over half a billion subscribers from 100 countries around the world!

It is a very serious thing , for everyone, but especially for those who use the date of birth as an access password. The leak goes to expose not only digital identities but also real identities.

The Italian Facebook accounts involved in this leak are 35,677,323!

It is clear that the bad guys will use this data disseminated on the web in the coming days and months for phishing attempts and other scams against you so pay attention to every email or phone call that may arrive: they may know your name and surname as well as other private information that does not appear to be scammers

If you have any account registered on any site whose password corresponds to your date of birth, we recommend that you change it as soon as possible, starting from the most important sites such as bank accounts, PayPal and other services where you have saved information on credit cards and payments in general.

A few years ago for Facebook there was the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where user data accumulated through those third-party trivia games were then sold to third-party companies but this time the matter is even more serious.

An invitation that I always make to my friends but that also applies to you is to never enter private information on Facebook, even when you share posts. It is useless to insert a “place” tag when you take a photo at your home, as it is useless to let you know when you are leaving for the holidays, consequently leaving the apartment empty. This is the real privacy concern you need to have instead of worrying about ATT or the like. In general we have seen over the years that Facebook is not a safe place:use it to your advantage, to follow pages, read news from pages, watch videos or share nonsense but try to avoid sharing your real life on a foreign server subject to constant attacks. Nobody gets any money from posting their life on Facebook, except Zuckerberg of course, so get back to communicating with your friends the old way if you want to share something about you.

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