This should be the right time, Jon Prosser is sure: the 2022 wearable will have a whole new look.

For obvious reasons, the focus is almost entirely on the new generation iPhones and MacBooks, but in the future of Apple, there is also an update of its smartwatch. Well, according to the most recent rumours, Apple Watch Series 8 will have a renewed look (almost) in all its parts and the display will be flat

In his latest video, Jon Prosser (and who else …) put the spotlight on information shared by ShrimpApplePro, that the 2022 wearable will have the design originally intended for AW Series 7. The leaker believes his sources are reliable, but with Apple Watch nothing is to be taken for granted.

All practically already seen, since the “design revolution” was taken for granted by practically all experts in the sector as early as 2021. In the end, things went differently, with the presentation of an Apple Watch Series 7 with no wow effect and with few (very few) novelties to show to the general public.

And therefore, for 2022 we just have to cross our fingers. Come on, this is the right time.

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