The WWDC is near. June 13, Apple will present the new version of iOS, OS X, OS and watch TVOS with several innovations that will affect all operating systems. The news will be so many, so many that the company has decided not to devote much space to the new App Store, revealing a preview.


The information you provide below are official and therefore certain.

The App Store will undergo a series of important changes that will affect both developers and users.These innovations can be summarized in three points:

  • The process of approving applications will be noticeably faster. Thanks to a new model adopted by Apple is possible that some applications are approved even in a single day . All this happens thanks to new tool, a new staff and changes in corporate policy.
  • Paid subscriptions for all : so far Apple only allowed a limited number of use monthly or yearly subscriptions applications. Among these booze the streaming music or video applications, as well as magazines and news apps. With the new App Store instead, everyone will adopt this policy , extending also to the games , to productivity apps and so on. To date this was not possible as it was not possible to release a fee updates. As a result, developers like Tweetbot, Twitterrific etc. They were forced to release every time new applications in the App Store to get new signings such as to justify the months or years of work. With the new App Store model will be able to pay a monthly or annual fee, all updates in order to have guaranteed. This will bring more order in the App Store and substantial benefits to the users that developers who begin to perceive higher altitudes by Apple. In fact, for the first year of sales, Apple will continue to receive 30% of the proceeds, giving 70% to the developers. After the first 12 months instead, Apple’s share will fall to 15%, and developers will gain 85%.



We will finally introduced the sponsored search results, a feature of which we had already discussed a few months ago, when he was still just a rumor. Many were skeptical about it but Phil Schiller explained the details of the operation by highlighting that:

  • The search results appear sponsored by different criteria, showing results that still are very close to what was actually sought
  • It will never be shown more than one single result in the sponsored search results
  • The ads are clearly marked by a light blue background and a “Ad” tag
  • The ads will only be shown in the search section. We will never find sponsored applications in the “First Floor”
  • The cost of advertising will vary based on the keywords used
  • The ads will entail costs only when the user clicks. It may be charged not only for the display.


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