Netflix like Apple TV +: now the giant of streaming movies and TV series supports spatial audio to offer its users the best possible immersive audio experience.

Netflix today announced support for Space Audio for some of its series.

With this move, the streaming movie giant is adapting to Apple TV + to deliver the best immersive audio experience possible to date.

According to what is written in the Netflix blog, the company has partnered with Sennheiser to be able to offer this new experience to users. For the moment to support the spatial audio are “The Adam Project” and “Stranger Things 4”.

Often the subtlety of the sound can go unnoticed but in reality, it can have a profound impact on the atmosphere and what you intend to convey and this can radically change the audience’s response. Some of the most iconic moments in the films are defined through specific sound effects. Without its excellent sound design, would the final fight scene in The Adam Project be that thrilling? Would Eddie Munson’s epic guitar scene in Stranger Things 4 show the “upside-down” in the same way?

For Netflix, therefore, the Space Audio technology would help to better convey the cinematic experience through immersive audio. To discover all the films and series that support it, write “spatial audio” in the search box.

Here are the supported Apple devices for Space Audio:
iPhone 7 and later with iOS 15.1 or later
3rd generation iPad Air or later, using iPadOS 15.1 or higher
5th generation iPad Mini or later, using iPadOS 15.1 or higher
3rd generation iPad Pro or later, using iPadOS 15.1 or higher
Apple TV 4K or later using tvOS 15 or higher
MacBook Pro, model 2018 or later, with macOS 11.4 or higher installed
MacBook Air model 2018 or later, with macOS 11.4 or later installed
iMac M1, model 2021

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