We draw conclusions on this morning. For the first time in many years, Apple has opened pre-orders in US and UK  in conjunction with other countries in the first wave. Even the actual marketing of the new iPhone will start without any delay in our country, but what were the results?

Quite disastrous indeed.

The iPhone 7 stocks available or otherwise reserved to Italy were not so many, at least with respect to certain colors and memory sizes.

Pre-order gave many problems to users for both the double formula for the purchase to choose from (home delivery or collection in store) and for a much simpler factor given out by non-existent stocks.

When the Store is back online at 9 this morning in fact, the iPhone 7 Plus blacks were not present. They could be reserved but with a delivery expected around September 23, then immediately changed to 27 to 29 September rather than 16 September.

According to our surveys were many who want to buy an iPhone 7 Plus black because this model integrates the innovative double and obviously this camera in an unusual color, both in Jet Black and matte. However, the unavailability has forced people to fall back on another model or wait for several days.

The Jet Black confirms the iPhone more rare to find, and that ended more quickly. At the moment the 7 Plus Jet Black shows “Available in November,” the 4.7 “instead within 3-4 weeks.

Note well that a small number of iPhone 7 will be added every day and then every now and then come back to check the Apple website.

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