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You really know all of your friends? Miitomo is the first app developed by Nintendo for iPhone, which allows you to communicate with friends through a Mii of your creation.
It all topics that do not normally talk about, unless someone makes us the question is not about that. Your Mii and that of your friends you will ask questions, then share the answers with you and with others. You may find something new about each other!

What can you do in Miitomo?
Create a Mii to represent you
Miis are characters that you create so that you look like, using a variety of elements. In Miitomo, you can choose a nickname, a way of speaking and a personality to represent you. To create a Mii, you can for example use your smart device of the camera.

Use your Mii to chat with Mii of your friends
“What fascinates you the most lately?” “Where does the nickname of your Mii?” Your Mii and those of your friends you will pose questions like these. Your answers will be shared with your friends. In turn, the Mii characters of your friends will share with you their answers. Who knows, you may come to know something new about them, or find that you are much more alike than I thought!

Find a style made ​​for your Mii

Extremely casual, formal and elegant or extravagant: the shop has all Miitomo apparel that serve to give your Mii any look you want! With a wide range, you can find the most suitable dress to the occasion or your mood.

Apparel can be purchased only with Miitomo coins, which are obtained using often Miitomo.
The Miitomo coins can also be purchased.
Get wearing apparel Sgancia Mii

Unhooks Mii is a fun mini-game where you have to drop a Mii on platforms, to get the items that are on them. themed paintings are available, through which get special items!

To play Sgancia Mii requires Miitomo tickets or coins. You can get coins Miitomo often using Miitomo. Instead you can get tickets in various ways, including the bonus of the day.
The Miitomo coins can also be purchased.
Even more fun with Miifoto
Find the perfect fit for your Mii, add some stamp and a photo as wallpaper, then starts to shoot! It combines various elements to create the perfect Miifoto. You can share your creations on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LINE!


Miitomo can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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