Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 10 Mobile platform as of December 10, 2019. For this reason, the Redmond company has suggested to users who use “still” a Windows smartphone to switch to the competition.

Microsoft’s suggestion comes from a supporting document regarding Windows 10 Mobile, in which the company explains that it will cease to release security updates and patches for the operating system now abandoned to itself.

With the end of Windows 10 Mobile support, we suggest consumers switch to Android or iOS devices. The goal of Microsoft is to give every person and every company on the planet the opportunity to achieve better results, and this forces us to support our applications for mobile devices on these operating systems and devices.

Microsoft interrupted the development of Windows 10 Mobile in October 2017, thus announcing the end of the platform. The tech giant has always tried to encourage developers to create applications for their OS, but without success. A battle with Android and iOS probably lost at the start .

Users with a device running Windows 10 Mobile will still be able to use it after December 10th 2019, but will no longer have the support of the company. Microsoft’s advice is therefore valuable and must be followed.

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