Microsoft has taken the best features of Macs and brought them to Windows, obtaining a result very similar to macOS and definitely much more valid than before.

During today’s Live streaming, Microsoft officially presented Windows 11, the new operating system that is really very inspired by macOS. In fact, we find many winning features of Apple’s desktop operating system.

New GUI and Application Dock

The whole interface has been changed. This is a change that occurs every year in Windows but this time there is a search for extraordinary simplicity and to achieve it many screens really resemble those of Macs. Already the opening image of the article looks very similar to the Preferences of Apple system but it does not end there.

For the first time, Windows has centered application icons on the bottom bar, creating what appears to be very similar to the Dock , a feature that has been on Macs for decades.

Microsoft’s choice loses some identity as now in the left part of the lower bar there is a rather unsightly empty space and we no longer find the flag with the “start” key, typical of Windows.

Then we find the possibility to change themes, going from a light version to a dark one that will also change the background and the desktop and folders.

Widgets are now shown in a very similar sidebar to Macs, with the difference that on Windows it is on the left instead of the right.

Another function allows you to choose a layout in which to configure the various open applications. For example, we can choose the Split View so that two apps occupy exactly half the screen, or a 4-way layout and so on. Functions that are reminiscent of Exposè and Mission Control although certainly revised.

Windows Store

Another novelty is the completely redesigned Windows Store. It will host all the applications you can install on your computer and looks very similar to the Mac App Store. Unlike Apple, Microsoft will not take any commission on sales, so 100% of the proceeds will be passed on to the developers.

Android app support

To enrich the already vast domain of Windows applications, Microsoft has announced compatibility with all Android applications, which can be installed and run on computers just like we do on smartphones. For two years Apple, on the other hand, has been allowing iPad applications to be automatically optimized so that they also work on Macs without having to rewrite the code.


From the gaming point of view, X-Box’s Game Pass has been released with the latest version of DirextX 12 Ultimate which will allow Windows to still have the better of Macs when it comes to gaming.

Price and availability

Just like Apple, Microsoft will release this update for the first time for free, but only to users who come from Windows 10 and have a computer that meets certain requirements. The final version is scheduled for autumn but the first beta will be released next week.

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