New year, new browser: the new Microsoft Edge is available for download

Microsoft has announced the launch of its Edge browser based on the open source Google Chromium project. Microsoft Edge can be downloaded on Windows and Mac.

A beta version of the Microsoft Edge browser has been available for several months, but an official and stable version has not yet been released to date.

Microsoft’s goal with the Edge browser is to provide better web compatibility with improved performance for customers, while ensuring less web fragmentation for developers.

Edge for Mac was designed to be similar to the Edge experience on Windows, but Microsoft has added optimizations to make it more similar to the Mac. Extensions can be added from the Microsoft Addons store or other Chromium-based web stores such as the Chrome Web. Store.

The browser includes tracking prevention (enabled by default), customization options, search features integrated with Bing, an Internet Explorer mode for viewing older Web pages and a new wave-style logo that replaces the traditional one.

For Mac users who plan to use Edge, the browser is available on multiple platforms and can be downloaded to Mac, Windows and iOS devices with the Edge app for iOS .

Microsoft is planning regular updates for the Edge browser, with updates on Canary, Dev and Beta on a daily, weekly and multi-week basis. The next stable version of Edge will see an update in February.

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