Future MacBook Pro models powered by the “M1X” chip may be equipped with a UHS-II SD card slot.

Lately, rumors about future MacBook Promodels with new generation Apple Silicon chips are becoming more and more insistent .

According to YouTuber Luke Miani , the new machines will feature an SD card slot with high-speed UHS-II support and a backlit Touch ID button for the first time .

In the video, YouTube confirms all previous rumors regarding the return of the SD card slot on MacBook Pros, which Apple eliminated in 2015, and adds that the slot will feature UHS-II support.

UHS-II offers a noticeable increase in speed , reaching up to 312 mb / s, compared to 100 mb / s for traditional SD card slots. The design is backward compatible so that UHS-I cards can also be used. Several companies have already released powerful UHS-II SD cards, including SanDisk.

Miani also says the new MacBook Pros will feature a backlit Touch ID button for the first time. The details here are a bit sparse, but the button will be backlit by “multiple dedicated LEDs”.

Finally, the YouTuber reports that the new MacBook Pros may be limited to 32GB of RAM . Notably, this contradicts previous reports from Bloomberg, who reported that the new machines would be configurable with up to 64GB of memory, so the claim should be taken with a grain of salt. Current Mac M1s are limited to 16GB of RAM.

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