2016 will go down in history as the darkest year for Apple, especially with regard to Mac. It ‘was in fact the first recorded sharp decline in sales for 15 years, with a market share which dropped by 10%.

The Mac recorded lower sales of Windows computers, which stops falling to 5.7%. The major PC manufacturers, however, have all recorded an increase in their quotas. These include HP, Lenovo, Asus and Dell.

This result as negative for Apple depends essentially on two factors together: We are definitely post-PC era, then a certain margin decline was already predictable but in addition to this, the Cupertino company does not upgrade their desktop computers for a long time. According to figure in our Buyer’s Guide , the iMac are not updated to 469 days , the Mac Pro to 1132 days and the Mac Mini to 831 days.

It ‘clear that anyone who wants to invest an amount of money (not small either, inter alia) for a range of top computer with the new and more powerful hardware apparatus in the market, will choose a something alternative.

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar probably will save the quarter Apple in the computer industry but the negative trend will certainly not canceled.

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