The hacking alert has been triggered: it will be a really great danger in the coming days. After Facebook, Linkedin was also hacked and the data of 500 million users are for sale

Linkedin also joins Facebook over the stolen accounts scandal. 

Today the news that sees Linkedin as the protagonist. Also in this case we are talking about absurd figures: as many as 500 million hacked accounts and all the information contained in them were put up for sale on a hacking forum. 

As proof of the veracity of this vast account breach, the hacker made the information of 2 million people public. Among the data shown you can read:

  • Linkedin ID,
  • name and surname,
  • email address,
  • telephone number,
  • kind,
  • links to other social networks,
  • links to other profiles,
  • all job positions assumed over time. 

All this data can be used by criminals in various ways: sale of email addresses for newsletters (how many times do you receive emails from services to which you have never subscribed?), Sale of email addresses for phishing scams, telephone scams, attempts account violation through brute-forcing software, which, once you have found a combination of valid emails and passwords, could allow malicious people to enter other accounts in your possession (based on the same logins) such as sites payment methods such as PayPal.

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