Ming-Chi Kuo has released a report stating that Apple will report the Touch ID on its iPhones starting in 2021. The analyst said he believes Apple will release an iPhone with Face ID and Touch ID  below the display.

Kuo says that in the next 18 months many technical problems will be solved that will allow Apple to offer a high-level experience.

TF Industries Ming-Chi considers face recognition and fingerprint recognition technologies to be complementary and believes that Apple will want to unify experiences. Apple has filed patents on fingerprint recognition technologies below the display that suggest Apple is still designing a future Touch ID (without a button).

However, the current technological challenges for the launch of components under the fingerprint relate to energy consumption, the size of the detection area, the thickness of the detection module and the rate of yield in the production of the rolling process.

Kuo says these problems will be resolved next year, opening the door to Apple to design the iPhone 2021.

Kuo says it is likely that Apple will use a variant of Qualcomm’s ultrasound system, which allows the user to place his finger on a large area of ​​the screen for scanning.

Today, TF Industries has also released another Kuo report detailing the upcoming tariffs on the Apple product range. The giant of Cupertino will probably absorb the tariffs of the short-term trade war as it seeks to diversify production beyond China as early as next year.

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