The analyst expects the new Apple Watch models to be released in late September.

Apple has solved the production problems of the Apple Watch Series 7 and will begin mass-producing the new model from mid to late September.

The Apple Watch Series 7‌ will feature a new design with flat edges like those found on the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. According to Kuo, the new Apple Watch has had to go through more manufacturing processes than previous models due to this “dramatic change. “Of design.

Notably, the new display uses a contact design instead of the old cable design and also requires a low injection pressure (LIPO) over moulding process. Apple is also using a new OLED production line that can improve efficiency and lower display costs , but this has required the entry of new suppliers such as LGF, Young Poong and Jabil, which may have contributed to the delays.

Due to the adoption of many new display-related manufacturing processes for the first time, the Apple Watch 7 panel module encountered reliability issues during the testing phase.

However, the analyst believes Apple and its suppliers have recently resolved issues related to the display module and are now ready for imminent mass production, with the first shipments arriving later in the month.

Apple will unveil the new Apple Watch Series 7 at the California Streaming event along with the new iPhone 13 and AirPods 3 models .

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