We are within days of the Apple, which will be presented the new iPhone 7 . Ming-Chi Kuo analyst at  KGI Securities , he has published a detailed report on its technical specifications that should have the new Apple smartphone.

Kuo points out that there are many updates and other changes to the iPhone 7, while the overall design will be similar to that of the iPhone 6s, then according to him, general users will not benefit significantly from these differences.


Here are the details of the new iPhone 7, according to Kuo:

  • New A10 chip from TSMC about 2.4 GHz
  • Memory of 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB on both the iPhone 7 that on 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus provides 3 GB of DRAM to support the dual-lens camera, while the iPhone 7 will continue to include 2 GB.
  • Five color options:  the new black color will be part of the line-up, along with those Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Grey Sidereal. A photo of SIM trays in those five colors emerged earlier this week.
  • Improved water resistance IPX7 the device is splash proof, the shower, and even short dips in water up to one meter deep.
  • No headphone jack , will be completely eliminated the headphone jack and the package will be included AirPods, bluetooth headsets wireless.
  • The Telephone Receiver will also become a loudspeaker : So Apple will get a two-speaker stereo audio in the opposite directions.
  • Changes in the operation of the home button for added water resistance. This will add a feature to simulate a feeling of click when the button is pressed.
  • Display with a new technology: is the same size and resolution as the current iPhone 6s and 6S Plus.It will be adopted widely adopted by the new display technology  that of iPad Pro offering a better quality of colors.
  • Dual-lens rear camera on iPhone 7 Plus , this could drive up costs approximately $ 40 and could make the iPhone 7 Plus more costly than the iPhone 6S Plus. Both lenses will be 12 megapixels, but it will be a wide-angle camera size of the largest pixels, a lens 6P, and with optical stabilization, while the second will be a telephoto lens with dimensions of the smaller pixels and a lens 5P.
  • Updated rear camera flash with four LEDs (two with cool color and two with warm color) and a new ambient light sensor for better image quality.
  • Possible updated proximity sensor , will change from laser LED for a more rapid response and a greater distance of recognition.

Overall, Kuo believes that the iPhone 7 orders will be smaller than the iPhone 6s until the end of the year, amounting to 60-65 million units from 82 million last year. Kuo reports that the Apple water resistance requirements has led to a delay on mass production until the second half of August.

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