Apple announced through a press release that Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer , will no longer be an Apple employee at year-end. Ive will form his own design company that will have Apple as a primary customer.

Jony Ive, 30 years from her first day of work, will no longer be an Apple employee but will continue to work closely and on a series of projects with Apple as well as taking care of other personal projects.

“Jony is a singular figure in the world of design and his role in the awakening of Apple cannot be exaggerated, from the revolutionary iMac to the iPhone of 1998 and the unprecedented ambition of Apple Park, where he recently put so much energy and care” . said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “Apple will continue to benefit from Jony’s talents by working directly with him on exclusive projects and through the ongoing work of the brilliant and passionate design team he has built. After many years of working closely together, I am happy that our relationship continues to evolve and I look forward to working with Jony for the future. “

Evans Hankey, vice president of Industrial Design and Alan Dye, vice president of Human Interface Design, will report to Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer. Both Dye and Hankey have held key roles in Apple’s design team for many years. Williams has led the development of Apple Watch since its inception and will spend much of his time working with the design team in their studio.

“After almost 30 years and countless projects, I am very proud of the lasting work we have done to create an unparalleled Apple design, process and culture team. Today it is stronger, more vibrant and more talented than at any point in Apple’s history, “said Ive . “The team will certainly prosper under the excellent leadership of Evans, Alan and Jeff, who have been among my closest collaborators. I have the utmost confidence in my fellow Apple designers, who remain my best friends, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come. “

In short, Jony Ive will no longer be directly an Apple employee but will still work on secret projects with the company, as it has done so far. As already stated by Apple, Ive will form a new company, which will have the name of LoveFrom, a name that would seem to be Jobs’s son, as stated by Ive in an interview with the Financial Times:

“There was an employee who met a number of years ago and Steve [Jobs] was talking. . . He [said] that one of the fundamental motivations was that when you do something with love and care, even if you probably never meet them. . . the people for whom you are doing it, to whom you will never shake your hand, doing something with care, are expressing your gratitude to humanity, to the species.

I thus identified with that motivation and was moved by his description. So my new company will be called ‘LoveFrom’. Speak briefly of why I do what I do.

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