When we spoke of the 10 years of iPhone we remembered the Installer. This sort of primordial App Store was then replaced by Cydia, an app with similar functionality but with more advanced architecture. His name is Jay Freeman the creator of Cydia , better known as Saurik, and in a recent interview said that the Jailbreak is officially dead.

It is almost a year (precisely 347 days), which a new jailbreak for iOS was released.  Many hacker groups disbanded , although the Italian Luca Todesco said to leave the scene.

When we do jailbreaking,  Cydia applications such as were essential to extend iPhone’s capabilities. The jailbreak was released immediately after each new update. Now a Jailbreak requires months and Apple likes to play cat-and-mouse , releasing new versions of iOS that frustrate all the work.

You should still do the Jailbreak?

The Saurik himself has answered no : “When you jailbrekkava iPhone were obtained of the killer features not included by Apple. Now instead, at best you will get minor changes. ” The death of the jailbreak was caused primarily by 4 cores:

  1. The increase in safety that makes it increasingly difficult to maintain
  2. If a hacker finds a vulnerability that would allow the Jailbreak, it can sell the discovery to Apple and earn up to $ 1 million
  3. Most of Cydia developers very young, now they have finished their studies and have found a real job safer. Others have become the App Store developers with paid apps that bring real gains
  4. If you make the jailbreak, however, expose the phone to security vulnerabilities

All this leads fewer people to jailbreake and certainly the whole system is going to disappear slowly.

Via | CultofMac

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