Iron Man of 2008, which is the film that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is linked in some way to the iPhone. In particular, Apple’s smartphone was taken as a source of inspiration for the HUD (Head-up Display).

vfxblog has unveiled the link in a new article titled ” Heads Up: the oral history of Iron Man’s original HUD “. In the latter, we read that the director Jon Favreau asked that the Iron Man HUD resume the intuitive feel of the first iPhone. And in fact, Kent Seki of Pixel Liberation Front has confirmed that at the base of the various philosophies that have then led to the final HUD seen in the film there was the revolutionary smartphone of the colossus of Cupertino.

I remember an initial meeting in post-production with Jon Favreau. He took out his iPhone, which was absolutely innovative at the time. He said, “I do not want to talk to you about a specific HUD graphic, but I want it to be as intuitive as my iPhone.”

The importance of iPhone for the creation of HUD in Iron Man has also spoken with Dave Rauch of The Orphanage. Both he and Favreau were fascinated by iPhone, an innovative device but at the same time simple and intuitive. One example is the transitions, simple but fascinating.

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