The iPhone 8 is a real goose that lays golden eggs for manufacturers of accessories. Olixar knows this and wants to be the first to offer a large variety of cases to choose from at launch.

The manufacturer has promised to unveil the final design of the iPhone 8 through its cover and the mockup that has realized.

It starts from simple cover in transparent TPU to costs $11,49  until you get to specially redesigned cover for iPhone 8 which include a frontal protection also thanks to new tempered glass, for a total cost of $28,49

The iPhone 8 that underlay this cover is exactly what @ Venyageskin1 meanwhile is selling mockup, housing and tempered glass via his Twitter account and private messages.


The design devoid of edges of the iPhone 8 will ensure that the user can radically change its color, even on the front part. Apple usually colors the back of the device while leaving the front of the white or black. With iPhone 8 if we put a completely red cover, we color red also with a tempered glass front, getting a very good effect. The same can not be said of the iPhone 7 because the virtual Home button is not only irreplaceable but also impossible to cover unless you want to give up the Touch ID.

Finally, a few hours ago tweet, it shows the molds of the iPhone panels.

Apple stated that it was very “angry” with regard to the news from the factories run. Every year employees steal several stocks of iPhone or components and, apparently, this year the leak has reached very high levels. The new Global Security Team put together by Apple should avoid further leaks in the future.

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