The design of the iPhone 8, described in the details of the latest rumors, seems to have been “confirmed” by a web page leaked user manual.

So much has been said in the last months of the possible design of iPhone 8 . In this regard, today’s leaked network is what should be the first image of the smartphone user’s guide , which would confirm a few rumors.

The image, shared on slashleaks , depicts the page showing how to insert the smartphone’s SIM. From this point of view, as was easily imaginable, no news. The tips come from the smartphone template. This in fact confirms almost all the latest rumors about the iPhone 8, which is a full-screen design, with no physical home button, and with a more “thick” frame to accommodate the various sensors and the front camera.

This is obviously a rumor, we do not know if the protagonist of the photo is actually a page of the user manual of the iPhone 8. In any case, rumors seem to go all in the same direction, describing almost all likewise the next top of Apple range. The only doubts remain about the positioning of the Touch ID (on the screen or on the back cover).

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